i-Lipo Non-Surgical Fat Reduction

i-Lipo is FDA approved award-winning nonsurgical, fat reduction and body-shaping technology. When you consume more calories than you use, the extra calories are stored as fat inside a fat cell. During the procedure, iLipo emits low levels of laser energy, which passes safely through your skin. This affects the outside wall of the fat cell called the fat cell membrane and causes it to release the fat stored within it. This does not affect the other parts such as skin, blood vessels, and peripheral nerves. A healthy lifestyle and exercise post treatment will ensure the complete metabolism and thus elimination of fat from the body.

Advantages of Non-Surgical i-Lipo:

i-Lipo is a safe and painless low non- invasive procedure that can be used on all skin types and body areas. There is no downtime and post the treatment you can return to normal activity. Results are seen immediately following treatment.  i-Lipo targets specific problem areas. Laser pads are positioned on the areas such as the upper arms, chin, abdomen, and, thighs. i-Lipo can reshape individual problem areas. A healthy lifestyle and exercise will keep fats away.

No scaring, bruising soreness or bleeding

 Since there is no surgery and i-Lipo being a non-invasive treatment, there is no scarring, bruising or bleeding.

No anaesthesia

iLipo is a non- invasive surgery so there is no need for anaesthesia.

No downtime

 The procedure takes about 30 minutes and one can resume normal activities post the procedure.

No risk of infection

No cuts, no surgery so no risk of infection

More areas can be treated

 iLipo can be performed on upper arms, chin, abdomen, thighs and almost at any part of the body

Tightens skin and reduces cellulite

The procedure also helps in skin tightening and reduces cellulite which gives us a confident look.

Frequently Asked Questions
Yes, the treatments are completely non-invasive, and clients feel no pain or discomfort. The technology has been studied and used for over 30 years.
Laser Lipo can be done anywhere on the body as it has no pain or adverse side effects. Typically, clients focus areas include stomachs, thighs, arms, butt, and neck
Loose skin after i-Lipo is similar to the loose skin that occurs after weight loss. Typically, the more weight you lose, the looser your skin will be. Liposuction removes fat all at once, so your skin doesn't have a chance to shrink over time. Immediately after your surgery, you may be unhappy with the sagging skin. However, loose skin almost always shrinks up at least a little bit in the months or years following the procedure.
i-Lipo laser the treatment takes just 20 minutes.  The length of time for your post-treatment exercise to burn off the free fatty acid is determined by our experts at The Body Care and is based on your requirements and goals from your i-Lipo results.
The session depends on the area being treated. It takes around 9-18 sessions for an average of 7-23 inches loss, respectively – how much fat do you want to lose?
The time depend on the areas being treated in a single visit. Our experts will explain the process and establish suitable options for you.
With i-Lipo you need to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Add diet and exercise in your normal routine to keep fats off.
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