Body Shaping

Body Shaping

Our bodies come in various shapes and types. You can be large-busted or small-busted, have flat butts or protruding butts, you could have shapely legs or thin legs. You could be ectomorph and thus be quite thin or you could be endomorph who tends to put on weight quickly. You could want an hourglass figure or simply a slimmer waist or just want toned arms with no jiggling fat. No matter what body shape or structure you have, you can have the body you desire.

Our body shape and body contour face many changes with time and lifestyle being prime factors. The Body Shaping Treatment from The Body Care, a premium body shaping clinic in Delhi, combine the prowess of modern and technologies with the ancient wisdom of traditional treatments to contour your body as you like

“The Body Care presents non-surgical and non-invasive Body Shaping Solutions that medically safe and given proven results in a short time”
“No Crash Diets!! No Needles! No Surgery! No Body-Breaking Exercises!”


Beautytek is a non-invasive body shaping technology that is based on the traditional idea of meridian energy that is prevalent in South East Asian countries. According to belief, our body has its electrical current which forms an electromagnetic field. Any problems in the body including weight problems are due to inefficient electrical flow in the body. Stimulating the electrical current flow in a certain body part is said to open up the body’s meridian or energy system which then heals the body from the inside to the outside.

Beautytek passes very low-frequency electrical impulses through electrodes to the acupressure points on the body part under treatment. The electrodes are connected to a computer that analyses the body’s natural electric current and self-adjusts the pulse waves to the area under treatment. If the cell activity increases, it will slow down the number of pulsating waves and increase it if the cell activity is sluggish. This process encourages the blood flow to the area, helps firm up muscle and break down fat.

When used for body shaping, it reduces body fat, firms up the skin, reduces cellulite and can rejuvenate dull skin too. It can be used for fat reduction in the abdomen, arms, hips, and legs. It can help redefine jawline and counter jowls and is quite effective in facial rejuvenation. It can reduce stretch marks on the abdomen, chest, hips, and legs. An overall improvement in health is to be expected as Beautytek helps to remove excess water, fat and waste products from the system. The treatment gives excellent results from the first session itself and is gentle and safe.

Radio Frequency

Radio Frequency is used in cosmetic treatments of face, neck, and body for body shaping and silhouette shaping, redefining facial contours, reducing cellulite and improving skin elasticity and firmness. It uses bipolar energy in radio waves of three different frequencies and can be used as a single frequency or in combination for treatment. When radio waves are delivered to the skin, they penetrate the skin and produces heat which causes the fatty adipose tissues to melt and stimulate the production of collagen. IT thus allows the concentrated treatment of specific areas of the body. It can be combined with other technological treatments like Vaccum and Cool Sculpting. It can be used to treat saggy skin, stretch marks and reduce fat from certain areas like belly fat, chin fat, arm fat.

Ultrasonic Cavitation & Galvanic

Ultrasound is a non-invasive, safe and sound that uses ultrasound waves for treating the body. Galvanic waves are used to reach deep inside the skin to dislodge fat cells and thus reduce fat bulges of the body. Cavitation is a new non-invasive way of treating the body fat. The Ultrasonic vibrations reach deep inside the body and purify it of fats, secretions, old dead cells, and excess sebum. The heat generated by the ultrasound deeply penetrates the tissues. This micro-massage deep inside the body improves metabolism, blood and lymph circulation, and cell regeneration. It accelerates the breakdown of fat cells resulting in weight loss. It also helps in firming and smoothening the skin and is used in cellulite reduction, scar reduction, and anti-ageing treatments. It is primarily used for fat reduction as well as anti-ageing treatments.

Why should I go for body shaping treatment?

The Body Care offers advanced techniques and technologies to give personalized Body Shaping Solutions. The Body Shaping Solutions from The Body Care are non-surgical and non- invasive and restore confidence by dissolving fat, reshaping the body, tightening the skin and clearing the cellulite. These body contouring techniques help you to get the curves you want. Besides weight loss and reversing obesity, The Body Shaping Solutions help in contouring, firming and redefining specific body areas like around the stomach, hips, thighs, arms, etc.

What are the advantages?

  • The Body Shaping Solutions from The Body Care integrate multiple treatments to resolve concerns regarding fat, skin, cellulite, etc.
  • Full Body Fat Composition Test is offered to all clients so that they can learn about their body.
  • We offer personalized body shaping solutions based on your concerns and body goals.
  • Cool Sculpting is an FDA-approved procedure which freezes fat cells and destroys fat tissue. It is safe for the skin and other body tissues as extreme cold affects only fat cells.
  • Radiofrequency reduces circumference and tones areas while improving cellulite and firming the skin.
  • We offer Pressure which enhances circulation and eliminates body fat and cellulite while improving skin tone. It treats varicose and spider veins too.
  • Body Shaping Solutions are effective for body areas like abdomen, stomach, back, hips, thigh, butt, and arms along with love handles and back fat.

Is the body shaping treatment in Delhi safe?

The Body Shaping treatments offered at The Body Care, a premier body shaping clinic in Delhi are medically approved as being safe to use. The treatments have been designed by leading weight loss and body shaping experts. The therapists are expertly trained and have lots of experience in the area. All procedures and treatments take place in aesthetically designed rooms with pleasing ambience. All care is taken to protect a client’s privacy.

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