Body Composition Analysis

Body Composition Analysis

“Get a toned and well-shaped body in the matter of a few hours”


Often it has been seen that two people of the same weight and height will appear different from each other in terms of the build. This is because the composition of bone density, amount of fat and water, and muscle toning is not the same. This BODY COMPOSITION varies from people to people and is dependent on gender, genes and even race. Often a person has large and heavy bones and less fat and yet is heavy in terms of body weight.

A COMPLETE BODY COMPOSITION ANALYSIS can help you understand as to what is the percentage of bone, fat, muscle and water in the body. This will give a clear picture of why you weigh what you weigh. With the result of the Body Composition Analysis, the counsellors at The Body Care will be able to customise a weight loss package for you. This can include diet plans and exercise regimens as per your lifestyle as well as weight loss and body toning through special para-medical technology and machines.

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