Is non-surgical liposuction effective?

Do you want to eliminate stubborn fat from your body? If yes, then you can think about choosing non-surgical liposuction. This is fast becoming one of our most popular treatments as it can reduce fat effectively.

How does it compare to regular liposuction?

Non-surgical liposuction is not liposuction at all. Regular liposuction is a surgical process, including small incisions in which a tube is included into a fatty area. The fat is then “sucked out” via the tube, resulting in the enduring reduction of those fat cells. Liposuction can be used in areas where there are noteworthy fat deposits and may be efficient after just one process. As liposuction is a surgical process, there is some recovery time with pain, swelling and a risk of infection.

Non-surgical liposuction, in contrast, is a procedure that uses heat, lasers, cooling or sound waves to “wipe out” fat cells which will be removed from the body as metabolic products. Nonsurgical liposuction usually has little to zero recovery time; however, it is not effective in big areas of fat. Non-surgical liposuction is ideal for stubborn, small areas that stay after an exercise and ample diet program or to patients who cannot go through surgery. To be fully effective, numerous treatments may be required.

Advantages of Non-surgical liposuction

The biggest advantage of nonsurgical fat reduction is that it is nonsurgical. There are no cuts done which indicates a non-surgical process with little recovery time necessary, less pain and swelling and a significantly lessened possibility of post-procedure problems, for instance, infection. It does not typically require a lot of pre-procedure preparation and can frequently be done during the day with a fast return to usual activities.

Non-Surgical Liposuction Techniques

  • Accent Body Contouring
  • Cellulase Anti-Cellulite Treatment
  • Exilis Skin Tightening
  • i-lipo – Body Contouring
  • Liposonix Ultrasound
  • Thermage
  • Velashape II
  • Zerona

How long will it take for results to show?

Results of a non-surgical liposuction process will begin to show after three weeks and will continue to enhance for up to six months. To get permanent results, you should be vigilant to maintain a healthy diet after surgery, together with regular exercise.

Bottom Line

Liposuction, below expert guidance, is extremely effectual, more correct and can be utilized in a range of conditions. The latest ultrasound-assisted processes have allowed plastic surgeons to be extremely correct in fat reduction with the least amount of post-surgical complications. Generally, liposuction is regarded to be much more effectual, but non-surgical liposuction can be a good substitute for those who just need a little assistance for some stubborn spots or can be the only substitute if surgical procedure is not possible.

Thus, it can be said that non-surgical liposuction works for the correct patient but it does not compare to conventional liposuction. Non-invasive alternatives to fat reduction, of course, bring restricted results, so it is vital to discuss with your doctor what the true body contour changes would be, as opposed to expectations from advertisements.

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