Advanced Inch Loss Therapy

Advanced Inch Loss Therapy

“Lose Upto 4cm per session of stubborn fat deposits from one area”


Stubborn fat deposits are the bane of every person who is trying to lose weight and get in shape. Often these pockets of fat are resistant to diet and exercise. With this in mind, The Body Care has developed the ADVANCED INCH LOSS THERAPY wherein ultrasound waves are used to penetrate fat burning cream or lipolytic cream into the adipose tissue (fatty layer below the skin). This is followed by a massage of the area under treatment with special oils that help reduce cellulite. The massage also helps in faster dislodging of fat cells and also helps in burning of the fat cells. This results in raising the metabolic rate of the body, increased inch loss and firming of the body which in turn leads to improved weight loss and body contour.

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